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  1. Taking Charge of a Jigger Jigging is a sign of nervousness or a lack of foundation. Clinton teaches you how to help your horse relax and focus on you, so you can stop the jigging. by Clinton Anderson – Pg 6
  2. Spotted Draft Horses Sturdy, smart, and good natured, these giants are adept at pulling sleighs and wagons, but are also increasingly found under saddle in the competition arena. by Jane Henry Seil – Pg 8        
  3. Ever Been Kicked? All horses kick. It just takes the right circumstances and you can be knocked flat on your back by any horse.  Julie talks about keeping your self safe – at all times – around a horse. by Julie Goodnight – Pg 10
  4. The Ride Home Storyteller Ed McNelis talks about the rewards of breeding and raising Quarter Horses, and the satisfying glow of the win on the way home. by Ed Mc Nelis – Pg 12
  5. My Horse; My Self Matt teaches that we are our own trouble makers when it comes to our horses developing bad trail habits   and gives lessons to break those habits, and teach our horses – and ourselves – new respect for the trail. by Matt Zimmerman – Pg 15
Photo by Darrel Dodds

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